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#DBC50 Summer 4/50: Lead with Culture

Do you want to share how you will use the endless treasures in Lead with Culture to take a Leadership Treasure Hunt, Navigate the Seas of Change, or Chart the Course to Transformation?

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One of my geek out moments as an educator is connecting the dots. I am always searching for ways to make everything connect. As a former English Language Arts teacher, I witnessed the power of looping vocabulary (among others). The students would say, "Not again, Mrs. P, we already know this word." They didn't quite understand that I had a method to my madness. As I finish book #4 published by Dave Burgess Consulting, I cannot but think "they are geniuses!" If they do not purposefully ask authors to make connections to books, they must be publishing educators, like me, who truly get excited when everything seems to fit together.

As I read each chapter of Lead With Culture, I noticed a few exciting features. Each chapter provides: a Leadership Treasure Hunt, how to Navigate the Seas, and how to take action by Charting the Course to Transformation. Each chapter also focuses on an aspect of leading with culture that matters, and finally, challenges to tie it all together. While reading this book, I found myself feverishly jotting down idea after idea. Since one of my passions is providing resources and ideas that will improve teaching and learning, I am going to share my favorite quotes, ideas, and personal connections in an easily digestible manner. This book is truly a keeper and will definitely provide needed direction if you desire an overhaul of culture or leadership. This book can also help you if you simply need to review and refine your current practices. Regardless of your intent for purchasing this book, it will leave your mind spinning with amazing ideas, reflections for improvement, and tips to lead with culture.

Here are a few of my favorite things...

1. Culture Matters

Question to consider: How do you greet each and every person you meet?

My favorite takeaways:

--Smile at everyone. Yes, everyone!

--Choose to be a "no excuses" kind of person.

--Expect learning to go deep. I am talking Depth of Knowledge Level 4. The kind that allows students, and teachers, to transfer learning to authentic situations and make connections.

This chapter inspired me to...

Create an "Intro to Depth of Knowledge" Smore.

This chapter made me think about teachers in my district who have not had training on Depth of Knowledge. Jay inspired me to create this quick "Intro to DOK" Smore: https://www.smore.com/u0ex4.

2. Expectations Matter

Question to consider: How will you raise the bar in your school, your district?

I love this quote: "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."

My favorite takeaways:

--Did you know teaching expectations has an effect size of .43?

--Model your expectations

--Develop a school slogan. Use it. Share it. Embrace it.

--Read and analyze teachers personalized professional development plans

--Follow through on what you say. Be a person of your word.

--Inspect what you expect

This chapter inspired me to...

Share the Individual Plan of Study I created for the teachers I mentored in the 2017-2018 school year. The idea started based upon hearing the Kansas Commissioner's message. One of our goals is to ensure every student K-12 has an Individual Plan of Study. I thought, what about the teachers? So...I created the document above. :) I would LOVE to hear your thoughts @APaulakovichIRT.

3. Learning and Thinking Matter

Question to consider: What are the next steps in your growth as an educational leader?

My favorite takeaways:

--Model risk taking

--Ask questions that push towards excellence

--Use data to improve learning and thinking

--Never stop learning. Actually, learn something new every day.

--Use current events to drive discussions

This chapter inspired me to...

Never stop learning. Today I learned so much about @iluveducating! She is truly amazing! I also spent time reading #Path2Serendipity and it is another amazing book from #DBC. So...what did I learn today?

1. Always take time to meet new people. I am so lucky I met Alicia Ray.

2. Read. Read. Read. I have spent each and every day since last week reading a #DBC50Summer book. No regrets. Not one. The books are game changers.

3. Are you an aspiring leader? Read Lead Like a Pirate first and then Lead with Culture. I have so many ideas spinning in my head.

4. Enthusiasm Matters

Question to consider: When was the last time you heard laughter coming out of a class so loudly that you had to go see what was happening?

My favorite takeaways:

--Attitudes shine a light

--Celebrate! Celebrate! Celebrate!

This chapter inspired me to...

reminisce about my last year in the classroom. I remember reading "Oranges and Lemons," a poem that was mentioned in the book we were reading, 1984, with my College Prep Seniors. As a means to bring significance, and a little fun too, I had my seniors play the game Oranges and Lemons. I used the directions from this website, with a little twist. I played this song. When the song stopped, the two line leaders had to "chop off the head" of one of their classmates (FYI...this game has significance and we had an amazing discussion on its correlation to the book afterwards) with their hands. The person who was "chopped" had to choose to become an orange or a lemon. At the end of the activity, they participated in a tug of war. My fondest memory is watching my 200-300 pound football players giggling and falling to the floor while playing this game. I also remember a colleague who came to my classroom and complained because we were being too loud. :( This is just a reminder that "...attitudes shine a light." How will you shine your light?

5. Joy Matters

Question to consider: Find someone who has lost joy and find a way to bring it back.

My favorite takeaways:

--Participate in #CelebrateMondays

--Include a joke of the day

--Use music or dancing daily

This chapter inspired me to...

spend more time dancing with my daughter. My two-year-old LOVES to dance. Unfortunately, her Momma does not know how to dance. Seriously. I just jump around my living room throwing my feet in the air. She LOVES it! I am not sure she will love it when she is a teenager. Ha! Ha!

6. Community Matters

Question to consider: How can you involve the community in holidays and special days in school?

My favorite takeaways:


--Road 2 the Reading Final Four


--Send Hunger Packing

--Board Game Night

This chapter inspired me to...

brainstorm different ways I could build community in my current role as an Instructional Coach. I would LOVE to find more ways to connect all of our classified and certified staff, families, and the community. If anyone already has ideas in place, please share with me.

7. Celebrations Matter

Question to consider: What are traditions and celebrations in your school?

My favorite takeaways:

--Pillars of Character

--October Week of Respect

--Global Read Aloud

--Positive Phone Calls Home

--Weekly Recognitions

This chapter inspired me to:

explore Leader in Me. This past year I had the pleasure to shadow Dr. Mark Heck at Forestview Elementary. Let me just say, he is an amazing leader and his school is an amazing place. You walk away smiling. Seriously. Every time I walked away from his building I was happy. His building has been recognized as a Leader in Me Lighthouse School. The school implements Leader in Me into the fabric of everything. No matter where you walk...students are leading with integrity. I had not taken the time to explore this further. Busy. Busy. Busy. Thanks to this chapter...I was reminded of this idea. Thank you, Jay! I can't wait to learn more.

8. Intentionality Matters

Question to consider: How will you use "what's the purpose" to support teachers?

My favorite takeaways:

--Always ask, and know, what is the purpose?

--"When people feel empowered, they make it happen."

--"How can you build a culture of intentionality?"

--Check lesson plans with a purpose

--Don't waste students or teacher's time

This chapter inspired me to:

to be more intentional about how I use my time AND how I use other people's time. Each day you are blessed with 86,400 seconds and I want mine to be used to their fullest. My all-time favorite author, and human being, Coach John Wooden, once said, "Make each day your masterpiece." I truly want each day to be a testament to the role models, mentors, family members, friends, colleagues, authors, speakers, and strangers in passing, that have helped shape me into the person I am today.

9. Honesty Matters

Question to consider: Be honest with yourself. Name one thing you could have done better this year. How are you going to fix it?

My favorite takeaways:

--Be direct, be kind.

--Provide honest feedback

--Be transparent with parents

--Demonstrate that honesty matters

--Admit if you don't know

--Assess your performance

This chapter inspired me to:

continue to choose honesty. Honesty is always my first choice; however, there can sometimes be interesting circumstances. I remember working with a colleague who told me that sometimes you have to stretch the truth to avoid hurting people's feelings. This has always left me wondering...do you really spare their feelings? I know I would rather have the truth 100% of the time, than find out someone is friendly to my face and stabbing me in the back as they walk away. The most hurtful moments in my life have been when I discovered someone I trusted was talking poorly about me behind my back.

I trust quickly and share way too much. It is probably because I spent my summers growing up on a farm in Sedalia, Missouri. My aunt left her doors open. Everyone knew everyone. We all shared everything. One of the biggest let downs for me in life (and trust me, I am a glass is overflowing kind of gal) is realizing that not everyone will like you, be honest with you, and you cannot trust every person you talk to. :( Regardless of this sad realization, I can continue to refine how I share my true feelings with each person. I am not perfect but I am really working hard to be REAL @TaraMartin.

10. Evolving Matters

Question to consider: How would you like to see education change and evolve in the next five to ten years? How are you going to start the revolution?

My favorite takeaways:

--Be a swimmer, not a lifeguard

--When you don't know something, find the answer

--Present Professional Development on topics you don't know

--Read books, articles, blogs

--Make a plan for change

This chapter inspired me to...

design a map for future leaders. This map will lead you across the high seas and guide you to a beautiful island with buried treasure. As you choose your path, you will come across treacherous waters, blood thirsty sharks, and angry pirates; however, as you overcome pitfalls, you will be met with treasure maps that will unlock a new path. A path that will take you to a hidden island. This island will be full of adventure seeking pirates who desire to create a new version of the pirate life. A version that includes magical pirate gear, shapeshifting ships, and a new outlook on the role of a pirate.

11. Being a Connected Educator Matters

Question to consider: Start a district hashtag that features great teaching. How can you challenge teachers to share?

My favorite takeaways:

--"The more people I follow on Twitter, the more I learn."

--How could you learn about and incorporate Skype or Google Hangout?

--Share ideas you find on social media

--Follow and share your school hashtag

--Meet people you follow on Twitter at conferences

This chapter inspired me to:

I continue to meet educators that inspire me via Twitter. I am beyond excited to begin a book study with George Couros on July 1 via Instagram. Other than Twitter, I don't really "use" Social Media. Thanks to Twitter...I have the opportunity to think outside the box and dream up new ways to utilize Social Media to engage, explore, and be inspired.

12. Relationships Matter

Question to consider: How can you find out more about your staff to become a better leader?

My favorite takeaways:

--Let people talk, listen well.

--Make sure your words build people up rather than tear them down.

--Build relationships

--Be an example

--Drop anchors of appreciation

--Brag on people

--Make positive phone calls home

This chapter inspired me to...

continue to build relationships. I truly would LOVE to get to know each and every teacher, student, and family in my district. With 30+ thousand students, plus teachers, plus families, it sounds impossible. However, use the word impossible with me and my brain starts spinning. I started thinking...what if we held Pecha Kucha nights each semester? This could be an opportunity throughout the year to bring together students, teachers, families, and the community. We could all learn together, laugh together, break bread together. What is the saying, "The family that eats together stays together."

13. Wellness Matters

Question to consider: How are you going to take care of yourself this year? What little change can you make to be a better person?

My favorite takeaways:

--"Routine is a part of how I rest like a pirate."

--Reduce stress by communicating early and often

--Model wellness

--Host wellness events

--Make sure teachers incorporate movement into class

--Incorporate mindfulness

This chapter inspired me to...

think about how I can intentionally add exercise back into my routine. I used to be in shape. I would run 5Ks, attend cardio classes, Zumba, you name it and I could do it (softball, volleyball, running, etc...). Ok...I actually can't dance. If someone was recording my Zumba classes, they were probably rolling on the floor and dying of laughter. Yes, it was that bad. Oh, and after you have two kiddos, your bladder truly can't take all the jumping up and down. I will save that story for another time. He! He!

Focus Andrea, focus! Bottom line...I have to get into shape. Not because I need to look better. I am pushing 40 and I don't really care about the whole, "I need to look like that." I just don't feel good. I know exactly what I need to do; however, I haven't started. When I share with the world what I need...it helps provide accountability. That might sound lame but it is my truth.

Ok..so here it goes. I am going to do the unthinkable. I am going to share my weight loss goal. Saying it out loud is a way for me to hold myself accountable. It is my goal to lose 30 pounds in the next year. I should probably say 50, but 30 pounds is realistic for me. Thank you for allowing me to be vulnerable. Tomorrow will be day one that I will get back on track. I will exercise. I will choose me. I will choose my family. I will choose wellness. Thank you, Jay! I truly needed this!

14. Passion Matters

Question to consider: How will you share your passion?

My favorite takeaways:

--Have a Teach Like a Pirate Day

--Know your community

--Encourage passion based learning

--Whenever possible, say "yes" to send teachers to outside PD

This chapter inspired me to...

brainstorm different ideas for using the Teach Like a Pirate Day district-wide. How cool would that be. We could share out what we were doing via #tlap. That would be touching the lives of 30,000 students. Now...that would be EPIC! STAY TUNED!!!

15. Inspiration Matters

Question to consider: Find a quote that inspires you. How could sharing this quote help others?

My favorite takeaways:

--Take every PD opportunity and make it into something positive.

--Share quotes

--Share what inspires you

--Be positive in the face of negativity

This chapter inspired me to...

continue to tell others how they have inspired me. Last week, I called a former colleague to tell her how much she means to me. She has been like a second mother to me. Her example has been a lamp unto my feet. I can never, ever repay her for the long phone calls and lunches. She is a saint!

16. Kindness Matters

Question to consider: How can you share kindness with others?

My favorite takeaways:

--Model and recognize positive character traits

--Share acts of kindness

--Participate in World Kindness Day

--Kindness Board

--Find ways to show appreciation

This chapter inspired me to...

continue to seek out kindness always. If someone I am around is negative, I need to find a way to choose kindness. If someone is talking poorly about someone else, I need to choose kindness. If I am in an uncomfortable situation, I need to choose kindness. For in the end, kindness is what truly matters.

A few of my favorite quotes...

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