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#DBC50Summer 6/50 Be Real: Educate from the Heart

Do you want to share how will heed Tara's advice and be REAL. How does educating from the heart change culture? Do you connect with Tara's authentic stories? We would love to hear how this life-changing book has impacted your beliefs about relationships, leading, and life.

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Tara Martin divides her heart-warming book into five parts.

Part 1: Relatable

Part 2: Expose Vulnerability

Part 3: Approachable

Part 4: Learning Through Life

Part 5: It's Getting REAL Up in Here

Each part of this book connects to your heart. If you are not nodding in agreement, you will be sobbing like a baby, or celebrating Tara's success. This book spoke to me on so many levels: personally, professionally, and spiritually. What makes this book stand out? You have the distinct opportunity to hear from one of your former students. Yes, yes, I know Tara Martin wasn't your student; however, she represents millions of students who have been terrified to leave school, who dreaded summer break, who were bullied or abused by parents or peers. She gets REAL in this book and opens her soul. She is vulnerable. She cannonballs into the deep end without looking back. Her approachable personality is beautifully painted throughout the book. She shares her Path to Serendipity and allows you to walk along her journey. Throughout the book, you feel as though you are receiving one-on-one time with a trusted mentor. A mentor who truly has your best interest at heart. Whether you are a classroom teacher, instructional coach, para professional, district administrator, or principal, you will walk away with a changed heart. This book isn't just about education. It is about humanity. Tara shares her heart and helps us all see that we are currently in educational triage. "Just as emergency professional prioritize treatment of patients based on the severity of their condition, we must stabilize the educational heart first."

"What will you do to keep the life source flowing and invigorate our educational system?"

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