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#DBCBookBlog 11/50+ Talk to Me

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

Happy Dance. I am doing a Happy Dance. Alicia, this was so much fun! I used to write every day with my students, and I think I forgot how much I love, love the process. I cannot express in words how happy it made me to co-write theTalk to Me blog with my #tlapsister.

Kim Bearden, author of Talk to Me, has provided Six Principles of Effective Communication. Alicia and I decided to play off the title and co-write a blog entitled: One-on-One with the #tlapsisters. Our blog post is about using the Six Principles to discuss how to improve communication in our current roles. Alicia is a Lead Digital Learning and Media Innovation Facilitator and I am on Special Assignment as the Assistant Director of Learning Services. I have to say...a bit of creative alchemy was going on in a Google Doc last night. Do you want to check out our writing process? Click HERE to see our rough draft. After we spent an hour writing together, Alicia allowed me to take our story and play. You see...Alicia has never met me (well in person) but she knows that design is my thang and playing with graphics is my JAM. I started with the graphic below...

Draft #1

I then played around a bit and ended up with the design below...

Draft #2

Although Draft #2 is not perfect, it is a good start. This jumping off point then allowed us to place our writing in Canva (I love me some Canva!). The next step was to open Instagram and grab pictures of Alicia and me. It was so much fun to crop pictures and intentionally embed them on each page (check out Talk to Me in the bottom corner of each page).

Our final product was placed in Yumpu, yes, I said Yum(POO). It is a website that allows you to turn PDFs into a multimedia magazine. Check out our final product below.

Mini-Professional Learning

Check out the magazine version of our blog. How could you use this idea with your students? Like our students, we all enjoy reading in different formats. Would you prefer to read this blog in a PDF? Check it out HERE. Maybe you want an audio? Direct Message me on Twitter, and I will record an audio of the blog. :)

As always, please consider sharing your thoughts in our collaborative FlipGrid. A place for amazing educators to share their thoughts on the magic you discover in #DBC books.

P.S. Kim Bearden --- Your book is inspiring! Thank you for sharing your heart and wisdom with educators. Crossing my fingers I can find a way to visit Ron Clark Academy in the near future. :)

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