• Andrea Paulakovich

#DBCSummer50 9/50: The Wild Card

How will you live a life driven by curiosity rather than fear? As I began to write this blog, I started thinking...how can I be The Wild Card? I decided I would try something a little different as an homage to Hope and Wade King. What if I tip my hat to the beauty of their book by creating a game? What if I pay it forward by spreading The Wild Card love? I recently celebrated my 37th birthday. My mother-in-law always gives me a crisp $100 bill inside a beautifully written card. Lucky me...right! Each year I choose to either donate the money to one of my favorite charities or go shopping for new work clothes (isn't that two different ends of the spectrum). This year I decided I would be The Wild Card and try something a little different, a little courageous. I am going to post a game board below and cross my fingers for magic to happen. Anyone who completes all nine challenges by September 30 will be entered in a drawing to win a copy of The Wild Card. I will use my birthday money to spread my LOVE for learning and creativity. How will you know if you won? On September 30, I will Tweet out a video that includes music, novelty, and a fun twist on picking The Wild Card winners. Four lucky contestants will receive a copy of The Wild Card in the mail. What is the catch? Each challenge asks you to BE the Wild Card, to share the magic happening in your classroom, and to Tweet your answers to @APaulakovichIRT with the hashtag #WildCardBlackoutChallenge. What are you waiting for? Let's make magic happen and beg, borrow, and steal ideas from one another to set the stage to engage and hijack each other's success!

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