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Energy Vampires

Have you ever heard of energy vampires?

An energy vampire is anyone or anything that drains your life of positive energy.

This person or thing can consume your mind and fill your day with negativity.

After reading more about how to overcome energy vampires, I wanted to share tips and tricks with you.

#1 - Recognize the Signs

Recognize when you are around someone or something and begin feeling drained. What physical reactions are happening? Do you feel a tightening in your chest? Are you tired? Do you have a headache? Take time to identify the signs, so you can learn what lifts you up and what leaves you completely drained.

#2 - Take a Deep Breath

Did you ever have someone tell you that deep breathing was good for you. Well...if you are a Mom who has given birth, you know how important breathing is to overcome excruciating labor pains. This same mantra is important in your daily life. In moments when you are feeling completely zapped, take a deep breath. An app that has helped me is Calm. When I have long drives by myself, I listen to Calm to help center me. Check it out and let me know what you think.

#3 - Set Boundaries

It can be hard to be clear with others but it is so important. Telling someone that you can or cannot do something may be hard. Trust me...I know. It's not about convincing someone else that they have to feel the same way as you. It is about saying, "This is what I need for me to be healthy." Boundaries are especially important if someone tries to push your buttons. You have a sizzling feeling inside. In that moment, breathe, and choose not to react. Trust will never regret not overreacting.

#4 - Step Back and Take a Look

Have you ever taken the time to identify who or what aggravates you? In Oprah Magazine, Judith Orloff MD writes about the law of energy. The law states that we attract people who are exactly what we struggle with. What did she mean by this? She states that if you often feel angry, notice if you are often around others who are angry. Do angry people drain you? If yes, focus on your own anger and learn how to address it. Once you have worked through these feelings, you may find that angry energy vampires no longer affect you.

There are so many tips and tricks that I am sure you have too. I would love to learn more. Share your tips and tricks at the hashtag #leadwithsunshine on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Let's help each other conserve our energy, peace, and happiness, crush the energy vampires, and take our power back.

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