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My vision for education...

My goal is to create a systematic vision of teacher learning and student success. Since learning is of the utmost importance, I love to find the most up-to-date technology, instructional strategies, and resources for my fellow educators. This website was created as a means to enhance and improve teaching and learning in your classroom. I strongly believe that we need to work together to change the future for our students. With this in mind, our student's futures will be directly impacted by technology and our ever changing world. We cannot sit back and teach behind our desks. Our classrooms must evolve! If anyone walked into your classroom, would they see inquiry, differentiation, engagement, collaboration, Project-Based Learning, rigor, higher level thinking, Cooperative Learning, student-led discussions, and purposeful technology integration? Or...would they see the same "sit and get" method that has been in place since the Industrial Revolution?

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