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PopUP PD: Standards-Based Grading

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

Abigail Crane asks her colleagues to turn and discuss: "What is the purpose of grades?"

As an instructional coach, I receive a plethora of questions about grading:

1. What should I grade?

2. How do I know how many points to assign?

3. Should I accept late work?

4. Is it ok to take off points for late work?

5. Why should students be allowed to retake a test?

6. How do I justify using a 0-4 grading scale?

7. How do I set up my gradebook for Standards-Based Grading?

8. How do I explain Standards-Based Grading to parents, to students?

Since I LOVE to seek out and find answers, I emailed two innovative educators that were pushing the envelope with Standards-Based Grading, Melissa Cupp (@cpkmdc) and Abigail Crane (@abigail_crane). I asked them if they would be willing to lead a PopUP PD session on the topic. Of course, they said "Yes!" because they are amazing, innovative educators. We sat down and discussed the details for the evening. I would ensure the location was secured, food ordered, invites sent out to grade 6-12 educators, and I would leave the details of the session to Abby and Melissa.

Melissa and Abby led an hour long session (check it out here) on an introduction to Standards-Based Grading. This amazing evening allowed Olathe educators the opportunity to discover the WHY. I truly believe anything and everything in life has to begin here. If you don't understand why you are doing something, how do you ever truly commit?

If you are sick of spending hours grading, nit picking papers, and point pedaling, then check out this resource and consider: How can Standards-Based Grading revolutionize teaching and learning in my classroom? My school? Our district?

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