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Inspiring Passion

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

My passion for learning began the day my first child was born. I would love to say I was an aspiring educator from the first day I entered grade school but that is not the story. My tenacious appetite for improving education started the day my first born entered pre-school. He was not the typical student. He struggled to follow directions, sit in his seat, and stay quiet the majority of the day. As I searched for different ideas on how I could help my son, I became very passionate about ensuring all students were provided the resources to succeed. I kept thinking...why do students have to sit in their desk all hour? Why do they have to be quiet? Why is my son so "different." What I learned is that my son is different and so is every single student in your classroom. It is our job as educators to build relationships with our students, discover their passions, their needs, and their dreams.

Food for Thought:

How can we ensure that every student that walks in and out of our classroom feels supported, cared about, and is engaged in learning that will support their personal growth?


Why did you choose to become an educator? What makes you passionate?

Once you know your "why," start thinking thinking about how you can share your passions, your talents. We need to learn to celebrate each other. Everyone has different talents and gifts. They were meant to be shared. To be celebrated. To shine. How will you let your talents shine?

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