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Lead with Sunshine Magazine

As I started writing Lead with Sunshine, I wanted to offer encouragement. I wanted to spread kindness and positivity. Over the last nineteen years as a 6-12 educator, instructional coach, assistant principal, and district leader, I have compiled ideas and resources from students, families, colleagues, leaders, authors, and national speakers. I have always tried to find a way to share what I learn.  My first year as an Instructional Coach, I made 101+ Tech Tools thinking it would be helpful. I have spent years creating resources, presentations, anything and everything with the intent to help. I have learned a few important nuggets about creating and sharing along the way:

1. Keep. It. Simple.

2. Be clear.

3. Don't push content at someone that is not ready.

4. Follow up with support.

I used these nuggets to create this magazine. I wanted it to include quick reads, questions to make you reflect, and tools to support you.

My hope is that you will walk away feeling inspired and ready to conquer the week by leading with sunshine.

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