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Already Enough

Do you spend time trying to figure out who you are? Or comparing yourself to others? Stop comparing yourself. You were made for a purpose. You are unique and that should be celebrated.

Maybe a situation, person, or comparison trap has made you believe you aren’t enough. Don’t believe the lies. It might not be simple to just wake up and be ok. It will take time but anything is possible if you try.

  • Do you wish you were healthier but have struggled for years. Is it your eating habits or food consumption getting in the way?

  • Are you in a toxic work environment or unhealthy relationship?

  • Do you allow your mind to fill with negative thoughts and find yourself complaining?

Whatever you struggle with, there is help out there. It could be a person, a doctor, an app, journaling, choosing different people to surround yourself with, faith, exercise, therapy, or reading.

For me, I have struggled with my weight since I was in middle school. Recently, I discovered Noom. I cannot tell you how helpful this app has been for me.

  • setting bite-sized goals

  • learning the psychology behind my food choices

  • learning more about nutrition

  • having a coach who checks in on me and encourages me

  • tracking my food

  • tracking my water intake

  • tracking exercise

What this app has taught me is that anything is possible if you try. If you invest in yourself. If you believe you are capable. If you realize you are enough.


What is a bad habit you need to break that is causing you to think negatively, eat unhealthy, complain, or feel awful? Now write why you feel that way. What thoughts go through your mind when you reach for the mini chocolate cupcake or you want to start complaining about someone? Make a goal to spend an entire day focused on changing one thing. Maybe it’s drinking more water, removing yourself from unhealthy conversations, or reframing your thoughts.

Life is a gift. Stop trying to prove your worth. If you are waiting on validation from someone else, you will always feel like you are starving. Remember...everything you need is within you. You are already enough.

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