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First Things First

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Life is about keeping first things first. This can mean something different to each person.

  • Maybe it means your family comes first.

  • Maybe it means your faith comes first.

  • Maybe it means your health comes first.

Regardless of what comes first for you, it is important to keep your priorities intact.

When you allow your job, a situation, or someone to control your priorities, everything can get out of whack. This can cause your health to deteriorate. It can cause emotional distress. It can hurt relationships. Is there something in your life that is making your priorities come in last place? What will you do to change this?

STOP AND REFLECT: Who or what has caused your priorities to change? How can you change this? Do you need someone to help you? Check out this graphic with ideas on how to keep your priorities intact.

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