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Hurting but still hoping

Have you ever had a deep disappointment in your life? A moment where you sat in disbelief and said, "Is this really happening to me?" I understand how you feel. Over the last few years, I've walked through heartbreaking seasons in my life. And although our circumstances may be different, you probably have had your own moments were you wrestled through frustration, tears, or disbelief.

These moments don't just disappear, but I have always believed that trying to find the lesson I should learn helped me keep going. Don't get me wrong...I have ugly cried. You know the kind where you look yourself in the mirror and say ugh, stop that right now. In these private moments you can sit and wallow in the hurt, or you can seek the lesson and hold your high and walk through the fire.

During this opportunity to find hope, you will need a friend that will encourage you, a belief in something greater to uplift you, a song that fills you with hope, or whatever healthy habit can keep you going. You see...hurting but still hoping is a part of our journey in this life.

Hurting but still hoping is part of our journey in this life.

It is an opportunity to face the reality while in the very same breath we acknowledge the hope that this too shall pass. Our hope cannot be seen as only viable if a circumstance or person changes. We hope for the good we know will come from our situation whether the good matches our hoped for outcome.

Honestly, I know this can seem impossible. However, I also know that in 40 years I have lived through peaks and valleys and have always found the sunshine in the storm. Sometimes it is much easier to find but it is always there.

The idea of waiting patiently through a disappointment or struggle can be an amazing growth opportunity. It allows you to dig deep and find a strength, wisdom, or knowledge that you would not have otherwise.

  • What is a current disappointment that is impacting your life?

  • How can you find the lesson in this disappointment?

  • Who can support you positively during this difficult time?

I encourage you to take a moment, yes, stop whatever you are doing and take a few minutes for YOU. Listen to an encouraging song or just sit in silence and reflect. The most powerful moments in life can be the moments when you are still.

As you wrestle through this journey, don't forget: hurting but still hoping is part of our journey. Believe this. Live this. Even when the process feels messy, trust that something beautiful is on the other side.

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