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Times of desperation lead to great revelations

Have you ever allowed a situation to get you down? Have you allowed the sadness to permeate your entire being? Felt that a situation was impossible?

What if you chose to flip the script and see times of desperation as moments that can lead to great revelations? Hear me out on this...what if:

  • A moment when you receive awful news wasn't a moment that defines your life but a moment of possibility.

  • A moment where you can take a different path in life.

  • A moment where the awful news can be seen as a great revelation.

  • A revelation that you need to slow down in life.

  • A revelation that you are supposed to take a different path.

  • A revelation that saves your life.

During the holidays, my daughter and I love to watch Hallmark movies. There was a movie this past year about shoes. Yes, that's The main character has an invisible guide who gives her beautiful shoes. When she places them on her feet, she is transported to a moment in the past or her near future. She is allowed to see a glimpse of her life. She witnesses that each decision she makes has a ripple effect on her life. I know we cannot put on a fancy pair of shoes and see our future, but what if we could choose to see times of desperation as moments in our journey that can lead to great revelations?

I would love to hear about a time that felt overwhelming, disheartening, or down right awful. Did the impossible situation lead to something new in your life? Better health after a time of despair? A new job? A new love? A new passion?

Today's challenge: Take time for yourself. Even if it is 10 minutes. Sit and reflect on a situation that felt desperate. What is something you learned from this situation? How can you use what you learned to help someone else?

As we head into a new week, let's choose to see the moments of desperation as an opportunity for a great revelation. If this sounds difficult for you at this moment in time, find someone who can support and uplift you. Find someone who will be there for you no matter what. Don't have that someone. Reach out to me. I want to uplift you. Click HERE and choose SIGN UP in the upper right hand corner to subscribe to my blog and you will receive my weekly magazine to your inbox that will include quotes, videos, and articles to uplift you.

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